About Me

What do I do?

I am currently a SQL Server DBA for one of the top ten accounting and consulting firms in the United States.  I spend my days, and nights 🙂 , protecting data and ensuring applications/systems are available to our user community.

SQL Server Experience

I’ve been an evolving DBA for the past five years.  It began with limited exposure to SQL 6 and SQL 7, and has continued with much more extensive interaction with SQL Server 2000 (MCP), SQL Server 2005 (MCTS), SSIS, and Reporting Services.  The majority of our systems today are running 64Bit SQL 2008 R2.  We are now setting our sights on SQL Server 2012.

Why the Blog?

Personal and Professional Accountability.  I owe it to myself to document my experiences and share them with others where appropriate.  If anyone else in the community benefits from them it’s a bonus.  I consider myself a mid-level DBA with higher aspirations.  This blog is getting me out of my comfort zone, improving communication and organizational skills, and helping to establish a technical network.


2 responses to “About Me

  1. Hi Sean,

    I am glad you started this blog. I can relate to your ‘About Me’ page, I plan on starting a blog someday.

    Thanks to your blog about Unused Indexes – Finders Keepers.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Sean,

    Great blog…I picked some wisdom on how to check which indexes are and aren’t being used. Heck, I might even this query for ad-hoc monitoring on which tables are getting hit harder.

    I too am an aspiring blogger trying to publish all my SQL thoughts on a personal WordPress blog. But I haven’t been able to publish properly color-coded T-SQL .

    I see that you have a method that doesn’t involve hosting a private site. Could you please share this info?

    Thanks a lot!


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