Contributing Through Others…

We all know that with technology, and SQL Server in particular, it is a, never ending, educational journey.  Along the way I have encountered, solved, and forgotten how I solved, more issues than I care to admit.  That forgotten part may only apply to me 🙂 but that is part of why I started this blog. 

How many times have you wished you would have documented that?

One of the greatest assets a DBA can have is their toolkit.  What tools are in it may vary widely with experience, knowledge, and preference, but it is up to each of us to keep them sharp, organized, and to continue to look for new ones.  Going forward, and reaching as far back as I can, that’s what I’m doing here.

Build YOUR toolkit!

The title of this post is “Contributing Through Others…“.  That phrase comes from a talent developement model that we use at our firm.  It deals with “Leading and Developing Others”, “Mentoring” and being an “idea leader”.  While that’s one of the loooooooooong term goals of this blog…it’s not so much what this post is about. 

Today, this is more of a quick tribute to those that have mentored and contributed to and through me…


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