Upgrade Your Applications While Downgrading Your Stress

I sat in on the Pain-of-the-Week webcasts with Brent Ozar and Michael Lato today.  Thanks to both for their time and expertise!

This weeks feature was titled Upgrade Your Applications While Downgrading Your Stress and covered:

  • Rolling back failed upgrades
  • Migrating data when the schemas are incompatible
  • Managing the upgrade cycle when the applications/databases need to move in lock-step

Michael led off sharing some of his insights and approaches using native SQL Server  tools.  I really appreciated the different categories that he broke the types of upgrades into and the steps he takes to mitigate risks.  I’ve taken part in many upgrades and getting a high level view from someone else will only improve my own approach to the next.

Brent took over from there and quickly showed a few of the cool features that SQL Litespeed has built into it.  Like recovering individual objects from any recent backup or transaction log.  He also showed how you can view all changes, schema or data, who made them and when, and then generated the code that would reverse those changes.  Seemed to be pretty intuitive too.  If you haven’t seen the tool, are looking for something like it,  it’s worth the watch!


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