Grant User the Right to View Database Schema

While we normally frown upon granting backend access to our Production SQL Servers we have, on occasion, had a need to allow users to veiw the schema for objects within our Production databases. 


Example 1:  We have a “reporting” database that is refreshed nightly from a copy of our Production DB.  Report writers need to be able to veiw the table definitions to know which fields are available to them to build their reports. 


Example 2:  Errors were being generated in our production environment and they were believed to be related to improper versions of a couple of stored procedures having been released.  In order to do a schema comparison, quickly, between our development and production environments, to ensure all differences were corrected, we temporarily granted a developer “View Definition” access to allow them to perform a schema comparison.


Use the statement below to Grant User the Right to View Database Schema –




It’s a great way to allow the necessary access without having to grant elevated priveleges.




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